Worked for Me

Genre:   |  Director: Ken Simpson
Length: 6 min  |  Country of Origin: Canada

Getting over a relationship does not necessarily require medical attention.

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Til My Voice Is Gone

Genre:   |  Director: Sam Griffith
Length: 6 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

Love can happen when you least expect it – even in a nursing home.

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The Music Box

Genre:   |  Director: Jennifer Oxley and Nicholas Oxley
Length: 3 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

A stubborn music box is coaxed open using a most ingenious idea.

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Jillian Dillon

Genre:   |  Director: Yvette Edery
Length: 4 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

Jillian Dillon, a hippoplatypus, discovers that the universe provides solutions to even the most challenging and surreal situations.

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Your Lucky Day

Genre:   |  Director: Dan Brown
Length: 17 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

Winning the lottery turns into a nightmare when a young man holds an elderly man up for the ticket.

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Genre:   |  Director: Matt Hines
Length: 16 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

A suicide hotline operator has to make the ultimate decision when he gets a call from his past.

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Manual Practico Del Amigo Imaginario

Genre:   |  Director: Ciro Altabas
Length: 19 min  |  Country of Origin: Spain

At 27, Fernando must choose between finding love and losing Captain Kiloton, his imaginary friend.

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Me Time

Genre:   |  Director: Matt Schuman
Length: 11 min  |  Country of Origin: 2010

Steve’s social calendar is getting full. It’s about time he emptied it.

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Miracle Fish

Genre:   |  Director: Luke Doolan
Length: 18 min  |  Country of Origin: Australia

On his birthday, Joe’s wish of being the last kid on earth is shattered when he is confronted by a dark event.

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Nico's Challenge

Genre:   |  Director: Steve Audette
Length: 15 min  |  Country of Origin: USA

A 13 year-old boy faces special challenges as he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain.

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