Jim Beam

The reason Jim Beam® Bourbon is the world’s #1 Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is because they’ve been at it for over 200 years. Seven generations of Beams have kept the secret bourbon-making process alive, while battling the wilds of Kentucky, the Great Depression, two wars, and a pesky little thing called Prohibition.


Everything about IZZE is pure and simple. The taste is a delight with just the right combination of sweetness and sparkle. The ingredients are all natural, using only fruit juice and sparkling water with no refined sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Even the packaging design is sophisticated, yet playful.


Zipcar is the world’s largest car-sharing company, offering self-service by the hour or day, gas and insurance included. For over 10 years we’ve made car sharing cool in the DC metro area. Our members are committed to sustainable urban living at an affordable price. Join and become a Zipster today at www.zipcar.com!

Barefoot Wine and Bubbly

Barefoot Wine and Bubbly’s goal has been to make the world a ‘better place through wine,’ since it was founded by two wine enthusiasts/social activists in California in 1965. Along the way, they have supported over 3,000 charities worldwide, and continue their mission of providing wine drinkers with a fun and relaxing experience.