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DC Shorts Film Festival Winners!

“Best of” Screening Is Almost Here! 

While every film we show is a winner, a few are selected by the jury and our audience as exceptional works. These films represent the next generation of filmmakers — and their incredible visions. The films are divided into two showcases with tickets currently available. Don’t lose the opportunity to experience truly unique cinema, buy your ticket today!

Best of DC Shorts — Showcase A

La Boda is a twelve-minute dramedy from Spain directed by Marina Seresesky. The film follows a maid on her journey to attend her daughters wedding. She’ll lose her job, find a new dress and avoid a raid. The genuine passion behind the story is evident. Viewers will be satisfied with the love that emanates from the screen. It is a genuinely heart-warming film.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Harry Grows Up  is a charming film directed by Mark Nickelsburg that follows an adorable 18-month old boy named Harry maneuvering his way around New York City.  In the satirical short, Harry faces heartbreak after the object of his affection, his babysitter, leaves for college.  Luckily a trip to the park leaves him with a new love interest (someone his own age).  Screen actor, Josh Hamilton voices Harry’s absurdly ironic “inner-thoughts.”AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Argentinean director Juan Pablo Zaramella creates a short with both live-action and animated influences in Luminaris.  The film is sweet, original and remarkably creative.  Its ardent protagonist is an innovative thinker and creator just as its director proves to be in this one-of-a-kind short.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Everything is Incredible is a documentary short, collaborated by three American filmmakers, Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen.  The filmmakers travelled to Siguatepeque, Honduras to illuminate the life of a local disabled man named Agustin who has been building a helicopter in his home for the past 53 years.  Afflicted with polio as a boy, Agustin is now confined to a wheelchair.  He has faced physical handicap, loneliness and poverty, and despite continuous ridicule, he has not given up on his fanatical dream.  FEST DIRECTOR’S CHOICE (TIE)

If you’ve ever been on a date, and things haven’t really gone that well; you’ll appreciate First Date. What seems like a swell night turns into a shitty one, literally. First-time filmmaker Steven DeGennaro creates a hilarious short that will make you laugh and make you groan from disgust. If you don’t find the film funny, there has to be something wrong with you.  OUTSTANDING FIRST-TIME DIRECTOR

Good Karma $1, directed by Jason Berger and Amy Laslett, is a fourteen-minute documentary making its World Premiere at DC Shorts Film Festival. The film follows Alex Bogusky, advertising guru, who collects signs created by the homeless. It is a compassionate look at the creative art that is involved with the homeless and their ability to appeal to their constantly changing audience. It is a genuinely heartwarming look into the importance of the homeless individual. The signs they make are clever and honest, and the message is very simple; giving does indeed cause change.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Gerard Depardieu stars as a mourning widower in the French short, Grenhouille D’hiver (Winter Frog) directed by Slony Sow.  A French winemaker, Depardieu, is in a state of mourning at the recent loss of his wife.  Yet, he begins to find reparation for his heartache when he is visited by young Japanese tourist.  While a solemn film, the story is thoughtful and heartfelt, and also features the beautiful backdrop of the French countryside.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Relationships have never been simple; Facebook has only added to the overabundance of issues when it comes to dating and especially to breaking up. In Deleting Emily, the expectations of deleting someone especially close is brought to the screen with hilarity. Director Zak Klein uses experiences from his friends difficult relationships to highlight the difficulties posed by Facebook courtesy. Should you delete an ex after a break up or not at all? The short is fun and doused with relevant humor that any social media devotee or inexperienced Facebooker can enjoy.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE


Best of DC Shorts — Showcase B

Cockatoo, directed by Matthew Jenkin, is an eleven-minute comedy from Australia. A man attempts to cope with the six-month anniversary of a failed relationship by hiring a call girl to pretend to be the fiendishly fickle ex. If only she could get the damn British accent right! And who knew the ex would show up with a bit of surprise for the increasingly irritated man. With humor galore, it’s not hard to sit tight and genuinely enjoy this little treasure. The performances are the added cherry on top of this well-made short.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Paraíso (Paradise) is a film about three Hispanic immigrants who are window washers of Chicago’s skyscrapers.  This line of work is not commonly thought about, yet it takes a great deal of courage and fortitude to rappel these 100 story buildings—a job which has cost some their lives.  In the film, these men contemplate the pros and cons of their work, from the light-hearted topic of people watching to the topic of death in a job that puts their lives on the line everyday. AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Tiny Miny Magic, a film by Danielle Lurie, depicts a woman who is seemingly infatuated with her mailman, thus prompting her to pursue a series of exchanges with him via her mailbox.  She grows quite enamored by this mystery man, and as they share personal mementos to one another he reveals himself.  The atmospheric cinematography has a hand-held camcorder feel which helps to underscore the film’s intimacy.  AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Waiting on a Train, a film by David Joyce, immediately emanates an air of uncertainty as a man waits in anxious anticipation at a train station, intermittently smoking cigarettes and checking his antiquated pocket watch as he waits for a train to arrive.  The man’s dress suggests he is from a former time, yet passengers departing the train are attired in contemporary clothing.  There is something peculiar and unearthly about the scene, and in a heart-rending twist the man is beset with the oversights of his past.  OUTSTANDING LOCAL FILM

Angela Wright, directed by Mu Sun, is a thirteen-minute drama attesting to the pressures any high school student can relate to. The film shines light on the realities that teenagers face in choosing their future. There are certain points quite painful to watch. It is an honest portrayal of what one girl is willing to do in order to achieve that future. AUDIENCE FAVORITE

Chris Foggin makes a laugh out loud satire out of the social networking boom with Friend Request Pending.  The film also features one of Britain’s leading ladies, Dame Judi Dench!  With tips on online flirting, the rules of LOL usage and other online jargon told from the points of view of two seniors who sound more like boy-crazy teenage girls, this film will have you chuckling throughout. AUDIENCE FAVORITE

The Capital Buzz is a documentary short that provides insight into the DC beekeeping community.  The film includes interviews with members of DC Honeybees, a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop beehives within the DC area and inform the public on the importance of the honeybee.  We even meet one member with a hive on roof of his Georgetown row house.  The film was created in a collaborative effort by students at the Institute for Documentary Filmmaking at the George Washington University.  WHOLE FOODS MARKET GOLDEN PINEAPPLE AWARD

Guang, directed by Shio Chuan Quek, is a fourteen-minute drama from Malaysia. It has won multiple awards in the prestigious short film competition BMW Shorties 2011. Guang attempts to find a job to appease his brother, but his autism makes it genuinely difficult. The film celebrates the autistic individual by brilliantly capturing a young mans simple desires. One cannot help but celebrate the beauty this film captures.   FEST DIRECTOR’S CHOICE (TIE)



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