DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition

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Parent Guides for the Family & Teen Showcases

The DC Shorts Family and Teen Showcase include a great selection of films for kids and adults alike. Afterward, take the opportunity to have your kids become their own Movie Critic. Using the following 6 key questions, and the “ask your kids” below each film, delve a little deeper into what each of these films have to share.

  1. What is the film’s purpose (persuade, inform, entertain)?
  2. Who is the intended audience?
  3. What techniques are used to attract the audience?
  4. Who created the program?
  5. What is their message?
  6. What information did the filmmakers leave out?

We have prepared downloadable (PDF) Parents Guides for each showcase, prepared by an arts educator and media specialist. Please take time to download the guides and review before attending the screenings.

Parents Guide for FAMILY FILMS (ages 8+)

Parents Guide for TEEN FILMS (ages 12+)

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Copyright 2012 DC Shorts/DC Film Alliance

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