DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition

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DC Film Alliance

The DC Film Alliance serves and strengthens the media arts in the greater Washington, DC region by serving as a bridge between the myriad of media arts organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. This includes film festivals, screening venues, and member organizations that serve media arts professionals.

Through our monthly meetings, annual film festival, workshops, and other events, the DC Film Alliance aims to: encourage collaboration through peer groups, networking, and opportunities to show works in progress; develop and disseminate the most complete listings of resources available; create a bridge between media artists and community groups; assist filmmakers and videographers just breaking into the industry; create additional opportunities for professional film and video artists; raise the status of the short film format; unite and strengthen the DC-area media arts community; and enhance DC’s national arts reputation.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Copyright 2012 DC Shorts/DC Film Alliance

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