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Showcase 12: Manifestions of the Creative Mind

Showcase 12 brings eight individual stories to the screen, all of them  born out of their filmmaker’s personal seed of inspiration.  Each is brought to life on screen through a variety of approaches and methods of artistry.  The diversity of the stories told yields an appreciation for the creative mind of the filmmaker, and the multitude of ways that creativity can be expressed.  Each film possesses its own story of birth, the story behind the story; what becomes a manifestation of the creative mind.


Try A Little Harder is short film written and directed by Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky and depicts a struggling artist, Tracy, who is frustrated by doubts about his unfinished art.  After spiteful words from his girlfriend, Wendy, he fails to inform her that part of his art, a maxi pad, is stuck to her backside.  Tracy’s wry wit and Wendy’s dim-wittedness compliment one another to create weird, hysterically funny moments that make this film worth watching.


Viral, a documentary short by Dustin Waldman examines the implications of the advent of the Internet, specifically the YouTube sensation.  The film provides analysis into the development of the fame game via the social networking and entertainment site.  The film also features interviews with some of YouTube’s royalty and provides a detailed commentary on this 21st century phenomenon.


Ferngesteuert (Controlled) is a dramatic short film from German director Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt.  The film centers on a teenage boy named Maik who is brought to therapy after committing violent indiscretions against a foreigner.  Maik is forced to reflect upon and relive the events leading up to his lapse in judgment, and struggles to voice his recollections in order to protect his best friend and accomplice, Thomas.  The story evocatively delineates the affliction and paralyzing fear that control can place on an individual.


Outside My Window is a short directed by Carlo De Rosa.  The film flashes between an elderly man who watches the object of his affection from his apartment window to the same man as he was in his youth and his dreamlike memories of a lost love.  In the place of dialogue, the film features music by the band, Jeremy Buck & The Buck, which gives the film the feel of a well-crafted music video.


Advancing Age is a comedy-horror by Austin Bragg, which was made in part for the Washington, DC: 48 Hour Film Festival.  Bragg stars in the film about a man who is haunted by a balloon on his 30th birthday.  The film is witty, original and was astoundingly made in only two days.


The Christmas Tree, a heart wrenching film by Angel Kristi Williams, potently illustrates life’s difficulties with authenticity and candor.  In the film, a divorced father, Warren, is left with some difficult choices after the Christmas tree he buys for his young daughter is stolen.  Unable to afford another tree, Warren must decide what to do and deal with the perceived disappointment of his daughter at his side.


In Furet, Innbitt (Ideologies), a film by Jarl Omestad, Norwegian veterans living in a group nursing home take pleasure in reliving their glory days in WWII by taking part in lively imaginative battles.  Despite heart attacks and strokes they cease to relinquish their horseplay, especially after a former Nazi is admitted.  DC Shorts is proud and honored to host Furet, Innbitt in its world premiere!


After his girlfriend breaks up with him indiscriminately and inopportunely, Josh is desperate to find a new roommate to maintain his rent in What’s Life Got To Do with It?.  However, he finds no ordinary roommate, he finds a zombie.  This complete and utter satire is a laugh-out-loud funny and bears a triple-threat performance by Josh Weisberg, who writes, stars and co-directs (along with Cameron Fife).


By:  Hadley Fielding


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Copyright 2012 DC Shorts/DC Film Alliance

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